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I am a Doctor of Chiropractic. After graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic-West in 1986 I practiced for the next 20 years in three very busy practices of my own. I initially became interested in the holistic approach to health care when in high school. Knowing that I wanted to be some type of doctor, yet disenchanted with the drug prescription practices of general practitioners, I decided to follow the philosophy of one of my great uncles and become a chiropractor.

Chiropractic helps the body heal itself without drugs or other intervention that has bad side effects. Over many years of practice, I used many different brands of vitamins, minerals, herbs and essential oils to help my patients obtain optimum health.

More recently, however, I discovered an essential oil company which produced an essential oil so powerful that I couldn't believe the results that my patients were getting.

The essential oils produced by doTerra are the purist in the world. I am amazed that no other company has had the mission statement and ethics of doTerra. I became interested, I flew out of state to their corporate headquarteres and toured their facility. I sat down with the owners and discussed their products and their mission statement. Their goal is to produce the most powerful, pure and effective essential oil in the world. And that is exactly what they have done. doTerra is the largest essential company in the world. They are now more than three times the size of the next largest company! It is because of their purity.

DoTerra's essential oils are so pure they are the only essential oil in the world that is labeled with the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oil (CPTG). Any other oil is inferior and very likely contain impurities and synthetic oils and are not safe to put on your skin and should never be used internally.

WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU...When you use doTerra oils you can be certain that you are using the purest in the world. They are safe, effective and most times cheaper than conventional medicine. You can take care of many of your families health issues naturally, without side effects and at a great savings.

Please review my site and contact me with any questions pertaining to essential oils and how you can successfully treat health conditions.

I give samples to those who contact me and are serious about improving their health naturally. Please go to my contact page and let me know of your health concerns.


Dr. Dahlin

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